Invoice Finance

Use your invoices as security not your home. Stop Waiting Over 90 Days For Payment. Access funds from $200k to $3m that can scale.

Why Invoice Finance

Unpaid invoices, your greatest hidden asset

Many businesses face lengthy payment times with waiting periods between 90 to 120 days. With invoice financing, invoices owed become an asset that allows SMEs to access liquidity when they need it most without having to wait, putting them in prime position to thrive in their market segment.

Invoice financing is an alternative financing option compared to traditional business loans, such as a term loan or a business overdraft. These business loans are often accompanied by rigid terms with lengthy approval times, and don’t address the unique requirements of SMEs.

With Tradeplus24, SMEs can easily access the funding they need to unlock additional revenue, improve cash flow and support expansion.

Stop Waiting Over 90 Days For Payment

What is Invoice Finance? ​

Invoice finance is a form of working capital funding where an advance is offered to businesses against their unpaid invoices. Accounts receivable refers to the unpaid invoices that can be securitized and used as collateral for a loan. Invoice financing allows businesses to borrow against invoices owed so they can access cash faster, free up valuable working capital and pay less in interest costs.

Learn more about the many benefits of Tradeplus24's cash-flow solution, its low fees and light touch admin management.

International Invoice Financing

Invoice finance from international invoices provides a fast way of raising cash for businesses with global outreach.

With international invoice finance, receivables owed as a result of exports and international transactions can be sold to invoice finance providers immediately upon being billed by the exporting party.International invoice finance allows companies to get rapid access to capital with which they can support current and future growth and development.

In Australia, very few funding providers allow SMEs to borrow against international invoices. Tradeplus24 is one of the only lenders to provide SMEs with fast, fully digital finance solutions for international invoices.

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Get A Business Cash Flow Boost

Tired of having your money tied up in long-term loans with high fees and rigid fixed terms?

Get out of a debt spiral with Tradeplus24’s flexible line of credit. With Tradeplus24 you can access a revolving credit line from $200,000 to $3,000,000, based on your outstanding invoices.

If your business grows and demands increase, your facility can grow with you. Invoice financing is a secure working capital solution that can help your business grow.

Free your cash flow from the loop of endless high fees and rigid fixed terms.

Why Tradeplus24?

Partnerships, not Parameters

Many alternative lenders stipulate invoice collection as a requirement of the funding relationship. Tradeplus24's key point of difference is that we allow businesses to manage invoice collections independently. This way businesses maintain their independence and integrity where important client relationships are concerned.

Invoice Finance
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Keep Your Bank Account

Many lenders require businesses to change bank accounts when entering into a lending relationship. For businesses with hundreds of different supplier accounts, contacting every single client to update new information is nothing but a headache. When partnering with Tradeplus24, you keep your existing bank account.

Freedom to do Business Your Way

Tradeplus24 recognises the importance of giving investors the freedom to do business their way. We won’t ask you to provide detailed accounts as to where you’ve spent the money. We don't ask for detailed accounts because we want our relationship with traders and investors to be one built on trust, not compliance.

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Integrates with your accounting software

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Latest Case Studies

Labour Hire

A fast growing labour hire company saves 13% p.a on working capital facility costs after choosing TP24's working capital solution.


TP24's line of credit allowed a Sydney logistics company to guarantee Christmas deliveries 8 days longer than it's competitor.

Food & beverage manufacturer

TP24 helps food & beverage contract manufacturer access quick cash flow funding for its international invoices.

Frequently asked questions

Invoice financing is a form of working capital funding that allows businesses to borrow against invoices owed so they can access cash faster, free up valuable working capital and pay less in interest costs. It is a flexible alternative to traditional business loans and paid through the post-dated cheque or credit card facility.

Invoice finance provides businesses with a lower cost alternative to traditional funding such as banks and term loans. It allows businesses access to cash when they need it most – when their working capital is tied up in outstanding invoices that take 30, 60 or 90 days to collect.

Invoice finance is suitable for businesses of all sizes including labour hire, logistics, wholesale, retail and professional practices. It is particularly useful for businesses with a fluctuating cash flow or trade credit business to business sales. Invoice finance offers greater flexibility than traditional business loans which are often cumbersome when it comes to timing and repayment and fixed by rigid terms.

By unlocking the value of your unpaid invoices you can free up valuable cash flow and invest it back into your business. Invoice finance is a flexible credit line secured against your accounts receivable (unpaid invoices). With Tradeplus24, you can access an advance of up to 80% of the value of your invoices owed and there is no cap on the number of invoices you can finance.

Invoice finance is based on outstanding invoices rather than the assets of your business, increasing the borrowing capacity of your business up to 80% of invoiced sales or contract values sent through Tradeplus24.

We can provide invoice finance to any business with an ABN, GST registered which is in good financial standing. As long as your business has invoices being paid or are being created on a regular basis, we’d love to have a chat about a loan based on your receivables!

Yes, with international invoice finance you can borrow against invoices that have been raised as a result of exports and international transactions. However, not all lenders provide business finance for international invoices. Tradeplus24 is one of the few lenders who can provide fast, working capital solutions for international invoices.

The main difference between invoice factoring and invoice financing is who collects on the business’s unpaid invoices. With  invoice financing, the client has complete control over collections. This allows the business to maintain client relationships on their end without a third-party intervening on important client relationships. On the other hand with invoice factoring, the lender purchases the outstanding invoices and takes on the collection. Invoice factoring is generally not as flexible as invoice financing and requires the business to have stronger cash flow.

Invoice discounting is similar to invoice financing but does not require the invoice to be paid in full by a specific date. When an invoice financing facility is established, it usually has a set term – invoice amounts must be settled within 30, 60 or 90 days. Invoice discounting has no set term and invoice amounts are settled on demand. With invoice discounting fees can be higher as interest accrues daily rather than monthly.

Interest will be calculated daily, and charged monthly in arrears.Interest and facility fee will be payable to TP24 by the 15th of each month by Direct Debit from the customers trading account.

Our Line of Credit solution significantly reduces administrative requirements for our customers through a direct data feed from the SME’s Cloud Accounting to TP24, which then performs ongoing reviews of the debtor book to ensure an appropriate level of collateral is maintained. This enables TP24 to offer a flexible Line of Credit facility to our customers supported by the collateral of their insured Debtor book, freeing up the business owners to manage their own cash flow and debtor collections, rather than spending valuable time reporting to their financiers.

TP24’s unique Line of Credit is a ‘confidential’ facility. We don’t contact your customers’ debtors or interfere in those important relationships.

Invoice finance is used by many different types of businesses, including but not limited to small and medium enterprises.

Tradeplus24 invoice finance offers a simple solution for Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes that helps manage their cash flow.

Invoice finance is subject to GST, income tax, FBT for some business structures, AIP (Australian Industry Participation) levy and withholding taxes when paid out. So invoice finance can be both taxable and deductible in the same invoice transaction depending on your circumstances.

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